Our Company

We are a company dedicated to the distribution of dry, refrigerated and frozen food for the hotel and restaurant sector. For more than 50 years we have differentiated ourselves by two things:

– A careful service of attention to the client, which has allowed us to have at present more than 2.500 clients located in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia, Castellón, Murcia and Barcelona.

– We distribute high quality products and prestigious brands, among which are ANEDILCO, LECHE PASCUAL, FRIPAN, PRESIDENT, FINDUS, LAMB WESTON, PANUSA, etc.

-Since 2020 we have our line of Home Service for private clients QBO DELICIAS.



The efforts of DISPEVI have as a premise to continue giving the service and quality that characterizes us, as well as, to be increasing our number of clients in the hotel and catering sector, all this accompanied by investments in marketing, warehouse technology and logistics. For this we have: An excellent team of 30 people who form a formidable team that work hard every day to offer a better service to our customers. Most of them have great experience in the sector which demonstrates a guarantee of service and quality.

Freezing and refrigeration chambers

In our warehouses we have chambers with a capacity of more than 3,000 cubic meters. They are distributed in 5 freezing chambers and 2 refrigerated chambers, with a storage capacity of more than 600 pallets. We are currently expanding our chambers with a cold zone for loading and unloading. Our offices with the latest technologies, we have a wide computer network, switchboard for departments, wifi, our salesmen have pdas, we have the most advanced systems in distribution, order preparation, logistics, etc.

An extensive fleet of trucks

To ensure that our products arrive in the best conditions at your establishment, we have a fleet of 14 trucks equipped with the best freezing and refrigeration systems. We also have several smaller vehicles for the transport of freezers and more urgent orders.



Our goals are several:

To further improve our customer service. Expanding our means to do so. Expanding our infrastructure and means of supply, advancing with new technologies and new techniques in distribution.

In short, our goal is to continue growing as a company and as an entity without neglecting our loyal customers along the way.

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